Lil’ Wayne – We Back Soon

March 8, 2011

I haven’t really listened to much of Wayne’s post-jail output but this one is dope – I’m still trying to put my finger on what soundtrack those strings are from.  Also love the lighter at the beginning, tho I’m kind of surprised that they’re still letting him do that on probation.  I mean I’m not surprised I guess, but if I was the P.O. I would make him cut that shit out cause there’s probably like 200,000 kids in America that started smoking weed cause of Lil’ Wayne.  Not really related:  people call me dumb for saying that Paper Trail was a giant conspiracy and that the gov’t gave T.I. a short sentence in return for making an album promoting things like “living your life” and giving girls “whatever they like.”  Don’t know if they told him to make his last album terrible tho.

DL:  Lil’ Wayne – We Back Soon (256 kbps)

Similar:  Lil’ Wayne – Green and Yellow / 6’7″ / Look at Me Now (w/ Chris Brown & Busta Rhymes)


One comment

  1. ha ev why would the United States government want T.I. to make songs like Porn Star and I’m Illy and basically every song besides Live Your Life? “you ain’t Michael Moore, I coulda swore…”

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