Frank Ocean – Nostalgia, Ultra

March 6, 2011

Sometimes I feel like the Rick Reilly of whiiite hip-hop bloggers because of my constant bashing of easy scapegoats as “the bad guy”: unintuitive A&Rs, white rappers, the ongoing “death” of hip-hop, Dr. Luke, radio stations, major labels, etc… and praising independent revolutionaries like Lil’ B, Odd Future and Big K.R.I.T.  But seriously, right now I feel like working in the hip-hop section of a major label has to be the easiest job ever.  Basically, don’t do anything that any major label has done over the last five years.  While hundreds of rappers have fallen by the wayside, that’s fine – everyone misses out on prospects from time to time.  The worst is that there have been seemingly dozens of hip-hop acts who have been rejected or shelved by major labels, only to come out with their album as intended months or years later (Saigon, Big Boi) OR release the intended material on their own and have it blow up (Freddie Gibbs and now Frank Ocean).

Apparently Ocean was signed to Island Def Jam and recorded this material.  The label shelved it, so he released it on its own for free, and much like his Odd Future contemporaries – he’s become an internet sensation.  I’m no John Lennon, but I’m idealistic enough to want a world where people can listen to and enjoy or not enjoy music on their own accord rather than having millionaires act as filtering middlemen.  People in general are obviously dumb, but they have the ability to at least “view” and “like” videos on Youtube and download mediafire links and occasionally attend concerts, because Drake and Wiz Khalifa became multi-millionaires completely by their own accord.  Obviously they cashed in by signing to labels and releasing watered-down music, but they still showed that accessibility doesn’t need to be determined through something controlled by the FCC.  I honestly think that in ten years or so (if not much sooner) the business model will change to the point where the role of record labels will be significantly deterred.

ANYWAY, this is super dope: mad accessible and surprisingly entertaining for an R&B mixtape, which I only thought could be successfully done by Robert Kelly.  I hate the fucking Eagles, but he killed Hotel California on “American Wedding,” and he also goes over Coldplay and MGMT.  The lyrics are a little silly and literal and overdramatic and his croning is probably off-putting if you’re a real R&B fan, but overall it’s catchy and replayable and perfect spring music.  Get this now while people still won’t make you feel guilty for enjoying it.

Also gotta give him props for not believing in the moon landing.

DL:  Frank Ocean – We All Try (192 kbps)

DL:  Frank Ocean – Swim Good (192 kbps)

DL:  Frank Ocean – American Wedding (192 kbps)



  1. novacane

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  5. he worked with Nas, Beyonce and a few others I believe.

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