Single Review: Mac Miller – Donald Trump

March 5, 2011

Honestly, if hip-hop dies, we have nobody to blame but ourselves.  And by us, I mean bloggers.  One of the reasons for my absence lately is that I’ve been pretty disgusted with the blog scene and the shitty music I/y’all have been perpetrating.  The rapid-fire nature of the internet pretty much guarantees that the easiest-to-digest songs will get coverage rather than the best ones or the ones with the most substance.  Hence, the recent rise of white rappers.

It’s not completely a race thing* (look at the rise of Wiz Khalifa and J. Cole and XV and whoever else), it’s more of a substance thing – these rappers are talking about what the college kids know – drinking, partying, white girls, etc….** and I mean in totality music for most college students is just background music for beer pong and the occasional blount sesh.  That realization was precisely when I realized when making a music blog aimed at college students was the worst idea ever because college kids listen to music for all the wrong reasons.

And by college kids I mean frat bros I guess, but you get the point.  And I know I sound really elitist or whatever, but this culture really scares me when rappers are getting signed because of blog hype.  I feel that in hip-hop the marginal reward for producing good music is getting smaller and smaller.  That Kanye album was an anomaly in 1) how much money was put into it and 2) how well it received critically, even though it had 1) no substance lyrically and will probably be nothing more than a footnote in the ultimate musical canon.  If rap is the poetry of the people or whatever, there has to be more people have to say than this, right???

Immortal Technique was super corny but at least he was saying something.  Public Enemy came out like 20 years ago.  Ras Kass is probably driving drunk right now on his way to the police station.  Odd Future is dope, but when you boil everything down, they’re a bunch of teenage skateboarders talking about raping people.

I feel so fucking old saying this, but I miss the days in middle school when I used to get psyched for Talib Kweli and Cannibal Ox and Nas and Atmosphere and whatever was coming out on Def Jux Records.  I felt mad special in my little corner, listening to music that I thought was better than Don McClean and Billy Joel and Blink-182 and Bach and whatever else people were listening to.  And now I feel like all of the energy that was spent on making good music back then is spent now on making music about getting fucked up.  And all of the artists I liked back then are shadows of their former selves; wholly irrelevant in an attempt to reclaim a glory they never had in the first place.

I know this is a ridiculous exaggeration and that there are rappers out today with substance.  I’m sure there’s a mixtape somewhere about Building 7.  But it’s mad frustrating as a fan of the genre to watch good music constantly be pushed aside for music that easy to digest and to watch obviously talented artists compromise for the sake of staying relevant. I’m just sick of party rap being the norm and Skylar Gray hooks being the norm for “deep music.”  A giant C’mon Son to pretty much everyone.

Actually, this song is pretty catchy tho.


DL:  Mac Miller – Donald Trump (192 kbps)

*  Well I mean it’s always a race thing but…youuuu know.

**  As opposed to my mixtape talking about things I know:  complicated long-distance relationships, the impact of the Melo trade, stats and probability, The Office (US and UK), David Foster Wallace???



  1. I agree. But if you go back into the day, the best artist balanced partying with sociocultural topics. De La Soul, outkast, atcq, the roots etc… The best artists are universal and accessible on all levels because they rap on everything.
    Look at Atmosphere, they are amazing. Rap about race, drugs, guns, cigarettes and everything else. Even frat boys like atmosphere, I mean I’m seeing them in April and I got a white skinny gurl coming. I don’t see why atmosphere isn’t more popular, and it is probably because no one wants to listen to intelligent lyrics while partying, even if the group talks about partying.

  2. I mean there’s obviously room for all lanes of hip-hop but I just think it’s funny that blogs are the new marketing tool, but the music that’s best digested through blogs is usually the simplest, especially for hip-hop.

    Atmosphere is dope tho. Can’t wait for the new album.

  3. this mac miller is such a d bag.

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