Wippenberg – Phoenix

February 23, 2011

Wippenberg is definitely a force to be reckon with in both the trance & house music scene. Starting off back in the olden days as pure old school trance and slowly transforming his style into tech trance into house music. Normally, that kind of transformation could piss me off but wippenberg did it right. His tracks are bangin and definitely get the crowd going wild every time I hear a DJ spin one of his tracks. He just keeps releasing tracks that are fire! so fuckin get over Sweedish House Mafia and everyone else and show some support for Wippenberg who has been around longer than anyone. This is the first release from his new record label called “Get Wipped!” and is nothing but awesome!

DL:  Wippenberg – Phoenix (Original Mix) (320kbps)


DL: Wippenberg – Chakalaka (Original Mix) (320kbos)

DL: Wippenberg – Pong (Original Extended Mix) (320kbps)

DL: Nic Chagall, Rank 1 & Wippenberg – 100 (Original Mix) (320kps)


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