Earl Sweatshirt- EARL

February 21, 2011

The web has been going nuts since Tyler, The Creator dropped Yonkers.  Tyler, the Creator is apart of the OFWGKTA (odd future, wolf gang kill them all) collective.  The web has been going nuts since Sandwiches was performed by odd future on Jimmy “I will never be relevant” Fallon.

However, before everyone was praising the very good rapper in Tyler, the Creator, there was Earl Sweatshirt.  A 16 year old who rapped so disturbingly, his mom made him move away from Tyler, The Creator so he could remain clean and not take pills and skateboard.  Earl and Tyler’s style reminds me of if Cannibal OX met Necro and decided to focus their style.

EARL is a great album from 2010 that has been slept on.  Dark lyrics, eerie beats, disturbing sounds and most importantly, dope fucking rhymes.  So many rhymes are intricate and pertain to the OFWGKTA family.  I.E. in Yonkers, ” bitches in my room” refers to a member in their crew who is 5’7 and pulls the most chicks.  I hope people take these guys seriously and understand that they are for real and not some fad for hipsters to latch onto.  Anyway here are some dope tracks from Earl Sweatshirt, who is magnificent.

DL: Earl Sweatshirt- epar (feat: Vince Staples)(305kbps)

DL: Earl Sweatshirt-Kill(295kbps)

“Faggots wear prada”



  1. Best song on this is Luper

  2. I don’t know I think epar and kill are far better. Also, moonlight is sick.

  3. “And on its most recent “Freshman Class” list, a rundown of all the best up-and-coming talent in hip-hop…” LOL um

  4. ahahaha if Odd future is like juggalos and icp, then icp is like wu tang clan. I’m so sick of this comparison. We can also lasso in Hieroglyphics, native tounge posse, the grunge movement and anything where people get together. Just because Tyler tends to rap a little horror does not mean he is anywhere similar to juggalos.

    I mean look at the gravediggaz, they are similar to juggalos to I guess, but because rza and prince paul are in the group they get a pass. Check out the song Bastard or Blow and tell me that those songs are not clever and lyrically skilled.

    Damn I love being the biggest hipster non hipster out there. I hope my backpack doesn’t explode too.

  5. Yeah I don’t really understand the hipster backlash

  6. I do. Instead of making their own opinions they go to Byron for their selection of music. I mean he works with XXL, one of the biggest jokes out there.

    That is why I hate hipsters. They have no thought of their own, just others and they try and pass it off as their own.

    Whatever though, if you disagree with a hipster a puppy is born. If you agree with a hipster, a puppy is killed.

  7. […] Tyler, the Creator – Yonkers / Earl the Sweatshirt – EARL / Frank Ocean – Nostalgia, […]

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