James Vincent McMorrow – If I Had A Boat

February 16, 2011

It’s only fitting that after a Big L tribute we give you the sweetest track I’ve heard all year.  While Big L is giving every cutie in the city AIDS, James just wants to sail to his wifey and hold her ever so gently.  If Big L was alive, they’d probably have a collaboration in 2014.  This juxtaposition is ridiculously obnoxious, but it’s the perfect microcosm for the entire underlying thesis of That Whiiite.  Since every type of music is so readily available, people are able to consume several different genres and styles without fully regarding their context, so they do so in an extremely detached manner.  It’s not even an ironic detachment really – I think people actually like the music they’re listening to/putting up, but without any sense of the culture, they’ve created this new and weird casual vague culture that routinely celebrates arbitrary mashups and rappers who smoke weed with no real regard for context and history.

I hope that we can deliver you some sort of insight beyond that when we give you music, but maybe not.  Either way, enjoy y’alls free downloads.  Mazel tov.

DL:  James Vincent McMorrow – If I Had A Boat (320 kbps)



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