February 15, 2011

Let em have it L, give it to him L

Before Wayne, Drake,Kanye and even before Jay-Z debut, there was Big  L.  One album while alive and one posthumous album keeps Big L in the name of top-tier emcees.  For all the haters, stop dick riding Dipset and realize the greatest Harlem rapper is Big L.  If people can proclaim Biggie as one of the greatest with two albums and a few after death, then Big L can be at least have his name mentioned.

I would quote him, but every track off of Lifestylez ov da Poor & Dangerous is a keeper.

Never mind, ‘all black” has great lyrics that need to be quoted.

“Me being a virgin, that’s idiotic Cause if big l got the aids every cutie in the city got it Once a nigga tried to stick me for six g’s And I put more holes in his ass than swiss cheese” and “And ain’t made a hit yet, you flop in a split sec In the shower’s the only time you get your dick wet”

I pose this question to the back packers, old schoolers, hipsters and gangsters.  If Big L didn’t die before his peak, you think he be in the conversation as the best ever?



  1. Biggie, Big L and Big Pun would have formed a supergroup called B.I.G. and released their debut album in 2005. It would have been the best album that summer.

  2. His most underrated aspect was his storytelling tho. Casualties of a Dice Game and The Heist are both fire. He was definitely still growing. I think I”m the only person who liked his second album more than his first. Always also thought it was funny that he was a punchline rapper years before it was “in”.

  3. His freestyles were amazing as well, plus he was the best of DITC and made Jay-Z look weak. He also established cam’ron and made ebonics, most unique song in his repertoire

  4. did you hear the throwback at noon? mr. cee playing a bunch of big L. Another hypothetical situation: Big L down with dipset? would him and camron keep making sick songs together. a Cam in his prime (come home with me, purple haze) and big L that wouldve been sick.

  5. Big L second album was good. The beats were great. His flow was so ridiculous too. He had multi-syllabic rhymes that were quick, but audible. I don’t think Big L be down with Dipset because of Jim Jones. Big L would never approve of a hype man becoming a rapper. He would probably like Juelz. One thing to note, Big L would absolutely hate Jae Millz

  6. The saddest part was that that’s the only day in the year Hot 97 will play Big L..

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