Single Review: Lady Gaga – Born This Way

February 13, 2011

…And Yonkers collectively hangs its head in shame.  I’m no Madonna expert, but I’m pretty sure this exact song popped up somewhere between the releases of Ray of Light* and Music.  Thanks a lot, Bill Clinton.  That era (1999-2002), aka “Middle School”, needs to be forgotten from the collective consciousness forever, so naturally here comes arguably the biggest name in music to revive it.  If Vh1 was still whiiiite and had their top 20 countdowns every Saturday morning, this would be #1 for like 18 straight weeks.  Sometimes I feel the Madonna comparisons aren’t that complimentary??  Look, she even has the cute bridge (“don’t be a drag, just be a queen”) and the faux-rapping at the end.  This is precisely why Lauryn Hill quit the music industry.  If “the man” is going to keep releasing singles like this, we need to have a global moratorium on positive music for like six months.  I had no agenda coming in too, “Bad Romance” and “Alejandro” were fire.


DL:  Lady Gaga – Born This Way (320 kbps)

Similar:  Lady Gaga – Alejandro (Skrillex Remix)

*  How dope was Frozen tho???


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