Tyler The Creator – Yonkers

February 11, 2011

This caught my eye because it’s a homage to the greatest city on the Eastern Seaboard.  I’ve never heard of him before besides of his Lykke Li remix a few weeks ago.  This is pretty ridiculous tho, like a hipster version of the horrorcore movement back in the 90s with some industrial Company Flow influence.  I’ll keep my eye on him.  No D/L for now, will update when I have one.



  1. […] the rest of the internet is going fucknuts over “Yonkers“, I think of it as my civic duty to give y’all the best Yonkers has to offer* (yes […]

  2. dude his performance on jimmy fallon was so whiiite, so hipster meets grave diggaz meets company flow meets blacastan meets black poet with beats made by el-p/aesop. He is what a respectable hipster is. Yes he he knows musics and hates bullshit, but on the other hand he is so “fuck you bill oreilly/oprah winfrey/white parents” that it makes him respectable. So dope, yet infuriating, but so much fun.

  3. Yeah I see what you mean it’s a little obnoxious but they’re pretty genuinely fucked up. They can all rap their asses off too. Apparently their live shows are nuts, I was reading one where the DJ was pumping up the crowd by exclusively playing Soulja Boy, Lil ‘B and Waka which is amazing. I wanna do a writeup on their newfound success, I meant to start it but studying’s been a bitch, I’ll do it after the test this week.

  4. […] web has been going nuts since Tyler, The Creator dropped Yonkers.  Tyler, the Creator is apart of the OFWGKTA (odd future, wolf gang kill them all) collective.  […]

  5. […] The label shelved it, so he released it on its own for free, and much like his Odd Future contemporaries – he’s become an internet sensation.  I’m no John Lennon, but I’m […]

  6. […] is clearly there – for fuck’s sake he rapped, produced and directed the video for Yonkers.  Unfortunately, he now seems a little too obsessed with everyone’s interpretation of him; […]

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