Single Review: Nicki Minaj – Moment 4 Life / Roman’s Revenge

February 10, 2011

How much does Lauren London look like Lil’ Kim????  ANYWAY, fashion students, lesbians, theater critics and the urban community fell in love with Minaj quick, while white dudes were intimidated by her ass and didn’t know what to make of her until they heard the “Monster” verse.  Nicki is a spectacle, and is only behind Gaga in terms of obscene ornateness.  But unlike Gaga, does her music actually deliver?

The single “Moment 4 Life” is pleasant enough, and while it’s nothing groundbreaking, it’s affable enough to not be completely cliche and embarassing.  Nicki Minaj is happy to cherish the moment, etc… and who can blame her?  In less than a year, she blew up from relative obscurity to becoming a household pop name and the biggest female rapper of her generation.    AND LIKE CLOCKWORK,IN COMES DRAKE WITH ANOTHER MAILED-IN GUEST VERSE.  I swear, this dude’s verses make “Barry Bonds” sound like something Dostoevsky wrote.  Real talk, Drake is more destructive than Waka Flocka.  All of his verses involve getting lit up and driving home drunk.  It’s fitting that Nicki has Drake on a song talking about cherishing the moment because that’s the only thing Drake has talked about for two consecutive years.

I hated on “Roman’s Revenge” without giving it a chance for a while because I was super mad at people saying “raa raa like a dungeon dragon” and not knowing where it came from.  This song is spectacular though even though it has no right to be.  Purists will call this Swizz Beatz production the worst of his catalogue, but its off-kilter tone and spastic tone fits the rappers perfectly.  Nicki’s punchline style was played out months ago, but she has the flow to make it work and the charisma to make you laugh.  The jabs at Lil’ Kim were awesome and fitting.

Eminem is a perfect yin to her yang.  I swear, these are the most inspired verses he’s spit in years.  Much like Nicki, while his lyrics aren’t appealing on paper, he sounds absolutely manic, stuffing too many words in his lines and cursing an inordinate amount.  There’s something endearing about a 38-year old man calling me an assdick and telling me he’ll shove a falcon wing up my fly ass.  I love to see him rapping without a chip on his shoulder; my favorite song on Recovery was the one where he was the most nonsensical (“Cold Wind Blows”).  Absolutely spectacular all around, all the parties brought out the best in each other.  Didn’t think Weezy was fit for the remix though, neither the beat nor the tone is his lane.

Moment 4 Life:  6/10.

Roman’s Revenge (Eminem):  9/10.

Roman’s Revenge 2 (Lil’ Wayne):  7/10.

DL:  Nicki Minaj f. Drake – Moment 4 Life (320 kbps)

DL:  Nicki Minaj f. Eminem – Roman’s Revenge (320 kbps)

DL:  Nicki Minaj f. Lil’ Wayne – Roman’s Revenge 2.0 (320 kbps)



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  2. shes too pretty thought they was sisters sheesh ❤

  3. la suaggggggggggggggg

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