JJ x. Lil’ Wayne – Ecstasy v. Lollipop (Neo Success Mix)

February 3, 2011

^ I couldn’t find the JJ – Ecstasy video on youtube but the O.G. Lollipop is pretty ridiculous in retrospect.  2008 was just so so good in general, and this song pretty much exemplified it.  How fucking ridiculous is this?  Only Wayne could sell out this hard by making a pop song this ludicrous.    CALL ME SO I CAN GET IT JUICY FOR YA HAHAHAHAHAHA.  No joke, there was this 10-year old girl at the after-school program I worked at that said she sang this to her boyfriend every day.  If I was doing single reviews, this, A Millie and the Lollipop remix would all get 10/10.  This mashup is simple enough, throwing the JJ chorus over Lollipop.  I feel like Chris Rock repeating myself, but the simplest mashups are always the best.

DL:  JJ v. Lil’ Wayne – Ecstasy v. Lollipop (Neo Success Mix) (128 kbps)


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