De La Soul, the Andy Pettite of hip-hop

February 3, 2011

Sad day in the world of baseball.  Andy Pettitte has retired.  Before I continue, there is still a chance he could return after the all-star break next year after he testifies against Clemens.  I hope he does because who wouldn’t want a pitcher with the MOST wins all time in the playoffs back on their team.  And before the haters start to say “he did it while cheating”, you think Andy was cheating when he closed out every series in the 2009 playoffs, including the World Series and literally was one bad pitch away from beating Cliff Lee and the Rangers in 2010?

Anyway, Andy’s retirement got me thinking.  Which hip-hop group closely resembles Andy Pettitte?  The answer is De La Soul.  Here’s how:  Both are under appreciated.  Pettitte most playoff wins is like the consistency of every De La Soul album.  Andy tenure with Houston is like the AOI series for De La Soul, although good, just not the same.

Next, De La Soul are still pioneers in hip-hop.  Their last mixtape “Impossible Mission”* and their last album “The Grind Date” are phenomenal.  Putting out solid efforts towards the end of their career, just like Andy Pettitte’s last seasons with the Yankees.

In their prime, both are untouchable.  Pettitte from 1996-2000 is exactly like De La Soul from 3 feet high and rising to Stakes is High.  I think the only criticism against both Andy and De La is how consistently good these guys are.  The only difference is when De La Soul retires, no GM is going to throw cash at a Bartolo Colon or a Freddie Garcia hip-hop equivalent, unless Krs-One is still rapping then.

And if you haven’t figure it out by now, Andy Pettitte is hall of fame bound.  He used HGH, admitted to it, and put up amazing numbers before, during and after his admittance.  No question he deserves it. Just like De La Soul made great albums with and without Prince Paul and Jay Dee (I use to think large professor was the most under rated producer, but I believe Prince Paul takes the crown now that I look at his career)

In conclusion: Both De La Soul and Pettitte are without a doubt, pure greatness.  They might not get the full respect they deserve or ever be recognized as unstoppable forces.  However, their fans know how great they really are. On a side note, they both represent New York.

Oh and to you Philly Fans, don’t believe the hype of your four starters, they all lost to the younger, more durable rotation of San Francisco in the course of the playoffs. FYI the only reason I know where Philly is on a map is due to the Roots, the saving grace.

For those that never got to hear De La Soul’s  NBA live song, hear ya go!

DL: De La Soul- La La La (256 kbps)

*I’m not including the Are You In? Nike+Original Run because De La threw that together quickly for their dunk shoe design.  Still dope, just a hassle to listen to a 40 minute song with no way to fast forward or rewind to an exact spot.


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