Black & Yellow, Green & Yellow, etc.

February 3, 2011

According to a Penn Schoen Berland (…) poll, the Super Bowl is the second most important day of the year for American males (Christmas is first).  Let’s ignore what that poll, if true, says about our society and let’s focus on THE BEST SUPER BOWL MATCHUP IN YEARS.

The Green Bay Packers knocked off division rival Chicago in the NFC Championship and booked their ticket to Dallas.  Aaron Rodgers has cemented his place among the titans of the game, and Cullen Jenkins’ return has given the Packers defense a spark. It’s mildly entertaining that the head coach of the Packers, Mike McCarthy, was the offensive coordinator of the San Francisco 49ers when they selected Alex Smith over Aaron Rodgers in 2005.  Now, Aaron Rodgers is putting the team on his back and about to carry McCarthy to a ring.

The Pittsburgh Steelers took care of the Jets (thank the lord) in the AFC Championship, but looked less than convincing in being outscored 19-0 in the second half.  Granted, they lost their Pro Bowl center, Maurkice Pouncey, to a high ankle sprain early in the first half, but they may be without him in the big game as well. As I expected, Ben Roethlisberger made some huge plays in the win.  His numbers were borderline terrible, but the numbers lied.  He should certainly be mentioned as one of the best in the game.

This game will feature the best QB action Dallas has seen since Troy Aikmen.  I wouldn’t put too much stock in the experience factor as two of the last three Super Bowls had a previously unexperienced team knock off a QB with a championship ring (the Giants against Brady in 2008, and the Saints against Manning in 2010. Of course, Ben and the Steelers won their second ring against the Cardinals in 2009.)  I would put a ton of stock in Aaron Rodgers in a dome and the battle in the trenches.  Rodgers in pristine conditions, even against a talented defense like the Steelers, will get buckets. The Steelers will shut down the Packers running game, but unfortunately for them, the Packers don’t run the ball anyway. The Packers defensive line will give the Steelers weak offensive line trouble all day, with or without Pouncey. If the Packers can keep Mendenhall at bay, the Steelers will certainly lose this game.

It’s only fitting that Aaron Rodgers wins a ring the year Brett Favre retires to a life of being the creepy, dick-sexting grandpa.  They knocked the Eagles and the Falcons and the Bears off, now they’re about to (metaphorically) cut Troy Polamalu’s hair off.

Pick:  Green Bay 27-23 Steelers


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