Single Review: Wiz Khalifa – On My Level f. Too $hort / Roll Up

January 28, 2011

This is obscure but the beginning of this beat reminds me of “Anne” by Santogold.  ANYWAY, this beat is fucking awesome and the Too $hort cameo is awesome (more the fact that he’s actually in the song than his actual performance) even though I could have sworn he flashed his AARP card in the video.  These Wiz singles are really coming of the assembly line, tho – all passable, but nothing great (I think I’m the only person who didn’t love “Black and Yellow”).  It’s funny that Wiz is lauded for going the independent route and releasing music with no frills, only to blow up and release some of the safest singles out right now.

..which leads me right into “Roll Up”, the obligatory “Girl I Got You” song.  With all due respect to eighth-graders and sorority girls, only the worst type of people will like this song.  BUT GET IT LOL HE’S SAYING ROLL UP CAUSE HE TALKS ABOUT WEED BUT HE’S NOT ACTUALLY TALKING ABOUT WEED LOL HE’S SAYING THAT HE’LL ROLL UP FOR YOU GIRL.  Why do I even have a blog?

Wiz’s new album Rolling Papers out March 29th.

An aside:  This fuckery makes me gain respect for two artists I didn’t have respect for previously:  Kid Cudi and Waka Flocka FlameSay what you want about them, but none of their singles have been as obviously conforming as this.  Just really discouraging as a hip-hop fan to see contrived and disingenuous work from obviously talented artists.

On My Level: 7/10.

Roll Up: 1/10.

DL:  Wiz Khalifa f. Too $hort – On My Level (192 kbps)*

DL:  Wiz Khalifa – Roll Up (320 kbps)

* Will update with a full-quality link as soon as it’s available

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  1. You are so jaded

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