Starting 6- Thirsty

January 24, 2011

This party joint presented by Starting 6 is a refreshing sound from the West Coast.  The Starting 6 are from the greater Berkeley area(for those that never been, go check out Gordos, best burritos in the world).  This is just a catchy fun-loving song about how your bitch is thirsty for some liquor, screwdriver or champagne.  For the haters, yes that is a station wagon.

Reasons why I like this song; the beat is hella-dumb with a low-end sound reminiscent to Big Pokey, which serves as a great backdrop to the main hook.  Check out the cameo from Bobby Brackins aka 143.  Peep it.

Yo evypoo, can we make this the theme to Thirsty Thursdays?




  1. that light skinned looks like pat wert

  2. are you thirsty for pat wert?

  3. these guys are so much fun, great party music, they are touring from cali to new york very soon

  4. […] getting airplay on the West Coast, so why not review it on the beat of the East, right?  Unlike thirsty, this song isn’t as hard hitting.  However, the chorus, the slang and snare all hit […]

  5. […] I do not enjoy this as much as Thirsty or Paper Planes, it still has a great summer feel to it.  I don’t know if the loop in the […]

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