The Game – Purp and Patron

January 24, 2011

The Game just released a mixtape Purp & Patron.  To be honest, I was only really excited for the song featuring Wiz Khalifa.  Overall the mixtape is exactly what you would expect from the game.  It’s a double disc “tape”(insert stupid ironic hipster joke).  “The Kill”, which is one of the main features on Purp & Patron is a solid track.  I really enjoyed the drums.  Game’s third verse resembles how he has not grown since LAX.  He once again raps about his whole aftermath record split and references 50.

“Taylor Made” featuring Wiz Khalifa is dope.  The Game and Wiz’s verses are decent talking about how to be famous, Nas, being a blood, sohwoo, smoking weed and everything that makes it enjoyable to blow smoke in hater’s faces.

For the rest of Purp & Patron, nothing really stands out.  There is the Purp and Yellow remix, which doesn’t stand up against the original or the G mix.  If you are a fan of The Game, you will enjoy Purp & Patron, if you are not a fan of the Game, you will not be amazed, but lightly move your head.

DL: The Game- Taylor Made (feat Wiz Khalifa) (320 Kbps)

DL: The Game-The Kill (320 Kbps)

Evypoo, if the draft existed, Chuck Taylor’s be drafted first.  Everyone wears chucks.  From gangsters to hipsters.

Also, the Game said he smoked like 40 really tight rolled joints with Young Wiz, so if anyone that can actually do that, this song could be the greatest song of your life, or not.



  1. This is the worst. Game is the worst. I can’t believe he’s swagger jacking Wiz Khalifa and rapping over La Roux like everyone else is. Well, I guess I can believe it since this is the blueprint he’s followed his entire career. This is why he’s never going to be relevant again. I was a big fan of LAX, too.

  2. accurate review

  3. […] though he’s become a giant punchline, he’s released three good-to-great albums (and a pretty decent mixtape) and nothing nearly as cringeworthy as most of the rappers who have clowned him on […]

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