Greg Nash – Summer Overture

January 21, 2011

How the hell did I miss this one!?!? ok so you all know that sick haunting theme song for  “Requiem For A Dream”…you know that movie that scared the shit out of you about doing drugs? Well anyway, after every “epic” movie in the world used the theme song it was only a matter of time for remixes. Oh i’m talking about good remixes. The other day I took my moms car somewhere and one of my old cds was still in the cd player (she obviously doesn’t use it) and a rip from trance around the world comes on of a guest mix with this track and I was completely fuckin blown away. I don’t even think I realized what it was when I made the cd because I’m sure that was the first time i ever heard it. I went nuts in my moms whip and knew I had to share this. The drop is insane!

DL: Greg Nash – Summer Overture (320kbps)


DL: Orkidea – Requiem (320kbps)

SimilarClint Mansell – Lux Aeterna


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