Thirsty Thursday: The Bloody Beetroots

January 20, 2011

Every Thursday, That Whiiite aspires to fuel your ignorance with Thirsty Thursday, bringing you high-tempo jams that are the audio equivalent of Four Loko.  Indulge in the seediest depths of your soul and come get white-boy wasted with us.  Click here for the Thirsty Thursday archives.

Damn, I had no idea what I was going to do for Thursday Thursday until about 3 A.M. this morning when I stumbled across these fuckers.  Thank god the internet is a cesspool of ignorance.  If I had an “Intelligent Monday” series, it would be deaded in two weeks or so.

ANYWAY, when my children are looking back at this era of music, I hope it resonates as fondly as 80’s metal (should).  Some music should exist solely for the purpose of getting happy-drunk at 81 Linden and throwing your friends into furniture, and I never made the connection before I heard this remix of Metallica just now.  House music celebrates all of the decadence and cheap thrills that Ratt and Motley Crue did.  One of my favorite stories from 80’s metal involves Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine, who purposely didn’t put the band’s best songs on their debut album because it was on an independent label and he (rightfully) assumed the band would be on a major label for their second album.  Naturally, they went and spent half of the recording budget for the debut album on drugs and naturally, they went on to sell about 15 million records.  Good times were had by all.  Enjoy.

DL:  The Bloody Beetroots f. Steve Aoki – WARP 1.9 (320 kbps)

DL:  The Bloody Beetroots – Dimmakmmunication (320 kbps)

DL:  Shwayze – Get U Home (Bloody Beetroots Remix) (192 kbps)

DL:  The Bloody Beetroots – Ill to Destroy (Metallica Remix) (256 kbps)



  1. oh wow who took such an amazing picture of my brotha, black thought, my brother and Abraham Thelonius Finkelstein?

  2. hahaha how sick is the metallica remix?

  3. […] Bart B-More – BRAP @ 0 min 2. The Bloody Beetroots & Steve Aoki – WARP 1.9 @ 3 min 3. Laidback Luke & Steve Aoki & Lil’ Jon – Turbulence @ 5 min 4. […]

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