The Roots (II)

January 19, 2011

Dayum, the Roots post from yesterday gave me some sweet mem’ries of their old shows.  I was bullshitting online and found the excellent site TheRootsLive.com, which has several bootlegs of live Roots shows from the mid-90s until 2005-ish.  I wanted to find a show with good quality (and semi-known songs) that exemplifies how much fun they have on stage.  I found exactly what I was looking for – a performance from 2003 in Germany with Roy Hargrove guesting on trumpet, Vernon Reid on guitar and Martin Luther singing.  Ridiculous solos and jam sessions, awesome breaks into songs from that time (“Grindin”, “Lose Yourself”, “So Fresh So Clean” etc…) as well as classic hip-hop songs, and a very energetic and inspired performance from vocalist Black Thought.  Couldn’t recommend this more.  Tracklist and full D/L after the jump.

DL:  The Roots – You Got Me (256 kbps)

DL:  The Roots – ?uest/Frankie Solo (256 kbps)

DL:  The Roots – Kamal Solo Part Two (Hip-Hop 101) (256 kbps)

The Roots live in Cologne Germany



01)  Rock You

02) Roots Are Takin Over/Thought @ Work

03)  Swept Away

04)  The Next Movement

05)  Quills

06)  Hub Solo

07)  Sacrifice

08)  Double Trouble

09)  Jam w/ Roy Hargrove

10)  You Got Me

11)  ?uest/Frankie Solo

12)  Kamal Solo Part One

13)  Kamal Solo Part Two (Hip-Hop 101)

14)  Scratch Solo

15)  Outro

16)  Bonus:  ?uestlove Interview

DL:  The Roots – Live in Cologne Germany


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