The Mighty Underdogs – Droppin Science Fiction

January 19, 2011

I recently discovered that Gift of Gab, Lateef and Headnodic made another Mighty Underdogs album… in 2008! Although a solid effort was put into this album, there still remains a reason why I’m just hearing about Droppin Science Fiction now.  Lateef cannot hold a candle to Gift of Gab or any guest MC on the album.  Lateef can create a nice hook but just not a nice verse.  It’s not that he is bad, he just does not stand out.  He suffers from the Consequence theory, where no matter how multi-syllabic and smooth a rapper is, they just do not catch on or create an impact in the world of Hip-Hop, even if they are attached to something far greater (ie quest, gift of gab).

An example of this can be found on Gun Fight.  This track represents the album.    I’m a fan of the wild  west whistle sample and Gift of Gab’s macho bravado semi-story telling flow.  MF Doom, if it really was MF Doom, has a solid verse and the hook is kind of cool.

I’ll be laughing at you if you do not like Laughing at You featuring Casual.  The beat is a mix of hyphy meets early Too $hort.  “You dudes got me rollin, your lyrics are high because your rhymes are stolen” might help conjure up some memories of back in the day when high school whiteys could rap by using lyrics of rappers that kids didn’t know cough evypoo cough.

Overall the album has good beats, decent lyrical showings from Gift of Gab and the guest emcees.  Feel free to fast forward through lateef’s verses, but hit play on his choruses.

DL:  The Mighty Underdogs- Gun Fight (feat: MF Doom) (320 kbps)

DL:  The Mighty Underdgos- Laughing at You (feat: Casual) (320 kbps)

DL:  The Mighty Underdogs- UFC remix with cuts by DJ Shadow (320 kbps) *

*Shadow’s scratching is on display and it’s pretty good.


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