Masta Ace

January 19, 2011

In my opinion, the most under rated MC ever is Masta Ace.  I’m not saying he is the greatest or the best, but he does not get the love he deserves.  Every album he puts out is solid.  He is a member of the Juice Crew.  With the exception of Craig G writing rhymes for 8 mile, Masta Ace is the only MC from the year 1988 that is still good.  LL Cool J is lame, Marley Marl made an atrocious album with KRS-done(a bad pun I know, but I cannot fathom the fact that Buckshot, who is still decent, being preached to by Krs-one in the studio) .

Anyway, every hip-hop head should have Slaughterhouse and A Long Hot Summer*.  These albums have amazing word play, great beats and the fact that they were made so far apart but are still banging shows how Masta Ace is a top-tier MC.

Does anyone else agree? Or do people think other MCs, like O.C., are more under rated?  Also, I think Large Professor is the most under rated beat maker, but that is a whole other argument.

*Notable songs: Soda and Soap, Big City, Style Wars,The Big East.  I upload some songs, but I do not have the proper format, sorry.



  1. I can upload some songs in a bit…Masta Ace was one of the first rappers I got big into…that song Acknowledge is amazing

  2. He is so dope, Disposable Arts is amazing as well.

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