Daft Punk – Derezzed (Pink is Punk “RETRON” Mix)

January 19, 2011

I never got to talk to my snack connect, so I had no reason to go see the new Tron or listen to the soundtrack for that matter, and I can’t unfortunately see a scenario in which I’ll ever sit down and watch it.  Ships pass, I suppose.  Other movie reviews:

A SERIOUS MAN – MAD DOPE AND REAL – Lotta Jewry references to my childhood…a movie that made you think even if the beginning was a little silly and some parts were a little overdramatic.  Coens have a lifetime pass at this point.  Movies thematically based on the idea of Schrodinger’s cat also have a lifetime pass at this point.

THE BLACK SWAN – MAD DOPE, FAIRLY REAL – The Natalie Portman v. Pillow scene was even better than the much hyped Natalie Portman x. Mila Kunis scene although whoever told me they were doing things they didn’t actually end up doing in the movie need to never talk to me again.  The music was cray and I thought it worked as a study of method acting.  Obviously it was super dramatic and silly – Wrestler still better, but this was better than I expected.  Natalie makes up for V For Vendetta, which was the worst movie of the last 15 years (The Matrix Reloaded being the best).

THE HURT LOCKER – KIND OF MAYBE DOPE, NOT REALLY REAL – I didn’t get this one, y’all.  K. Biggs was even on my agenda cause of my anti-Cameron stance and my love of Point Break, which she directed.  I’m even of fan of Anthony Mackie aka 4pac – I thought this movie was less than the sum of its parts tho.  Good depiction on the type of person needed to be a true “soldier” and some cool scenes, but crazy unrealistic and my dude…where was the plot?  I’m down with y’all expository movement and such but I missed all the “tension” everyone was talking about with absolutely no narrative structure.  To be honest, the first critically acclaimed movie I can remember where I didn’t like it and didn’t understand why people liked it.  I suppose the standard for war movies has been set so low nowadays that this can pass off as…Roger Ebert’s #2 film of the 2000’s?  Word??!!??

DL:  Daft Punk – Derezzed (Pink is Punk “RETRON” Mix) (320 kbps)



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