Wiz Khalifa

January 18, 2011

Look, Wiz Khalifa is mad dumb.  He talks about the same shit on every song.  His verse are literally interchangeable.  He basically stole his whole persona from Curren$y and is indisputable proof that rap is regressing.  (Whiiite) college kids love him.

But none of that matters, because Wiz is gonna be huge.  Like Wayne and Drake before him who transformed their internet fandom into mainstream acceptance, he 1) has put out a ton of uncompromised free music, 2) tours relentlessly, 3) has potheads and girls on his side and 4) does his own choruses*.  If I was younger and more bitter, I’d hate, but I just can’t.  Wiz knows his lane and fills it perfectly.  His music is perfect for BBQs and Warren Towers smokeout sesh’s.  Kush & OJ was one of my favorite mixtapes from last year and judging from his smattering of internet songs since, his major label debut won’t disappoint.  Here a few gems – “Real Estate” is over T.I. & Drake’s “Poppin Bottles”, “Mezmorized” is off Kush & OJ and”The Thrill” is over Empire of the Sun’s “Walking on a Dream.”  Current line of the year:  “She fuck me cause I won the race.” :

DL:  Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa – That Good (320 kbps)

DL:  Wiz Khalifa – Real Estate (256 kbps)

DL:  Wiz Khalifa – Mezmorized (320 kbps)

DL:  Wiz Khalifa – The Thrill (192 kbps)

*  So important – this is why Wale never blew up and why B.O.B. will fade to obscurity


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