The Roots

January 18, 2011

I’ve seen the Roots live like seven or eight times and they’ve been amazing every time.  Kirk Douglas melts your face off with his guitar and then Black Thought spits like 500 bars acapella ’cause he can.  Anyways, I’ve been listening to Stray Phrases’ live Donuts cover lately and it reminded me of the Roots’ jam sessions.  These are all taken from their 2006 (double) greatest hits album Homegrown which is sick even if you’ve heard most of their music.  Also included a track from Jay-Z’s Unplugged, which I forgot existed until right now.  Rappers playing with live bands is the trend now – rightfully so, it makes the music sound about 3000% better.  Sorry purists: the days of watching a hoodie’d up dude stumble through his songs while his twelve boys meanmug you behind him are over.  Funny story: I’m a die-hard Roots fan but I could never stomach Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, even out of curiosity.

DL:  The Roots – Essaywhuman?!!!!! (Organix Version) (128 kbps)

DL:  The Roots – The Seed/Melting Pot/Web (Live) (128 kbps)

DL:  The Roots – Din Da Da (128 kbps)

DL:  Jay-Z – Heart of The City (MTV Unplugged Version) (193 kbps)



  1. […] the Roots post from yesterday gave me some sweet mem’ries of their old shows.  I was bullshitting online and found the […]

  2. […] The Roots – The Seed/Melting Pot/Web Live […]

  3. youre aware of this too, right? : http://www.okayplayer.com/news/The-Roots-Dilla-Jawns-Mixtape-.html

    btw thanks for din dada…i had lost that

  4. ^yeah that one’s real dope. we’re doing a bunch of dilla stuff next week, maybe i’ll throw that up

  5. Yes! The Roots is such an awesome band, and I love the chords and the drums and the bass. Especially on their first records, it’s so fresh, tight and original. I usually listen to jazz, though. ❤

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