Shit You Used to Listen To and Probably Should Listen to Again (I)

January 18, 2011

Sometimes shit comes on your computer or iPod or whatever and you just have to stop and listen to it. Sometimes it’s embarrassing, actually most of the time it’s embarrassing, but you just have to do it, you have to listen. It happened this morning when “The Middle” came on on my way to work.

Is there anyone out there that can challenge the logic of this: if “The Middle” came out in 1996 instead of 2002 it would have been as popular as any grunge/pop/post-punk crossover hit ever written. “Clueless” would have had it as their opening theme instead of that ridiculously horrible cover of an already ridiculously horrible song by Kim Wilde, and “Liar Liar” would have used it for their predictably terrible montage commercial spot.

“The Middle” absolutely kills songs that sound exactly like it, somehow. It makes everything like Eve 6 sound, impossibly, worse than it already is (full disclosure: that heart in a blender song is my shit), and makes Everclear sound, um, exactly like Everclear. I’m going to go out on a limb and say it’s this kids pipes that make the song stand out significantly. The range is just there and it’s tough to mean mug a head who hits those notes in the second and third verses.

“The Middle” is so good I’m finna give it a happy face: ^___^.

DL:  Jimmy Eat World – The Middle (280 kbps)


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  1. #2 better be Birdman

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