Orjan Nilsen – Shoutbox!

January 15, 2011


aka DJ Governor. Probably one of the best trance producers out there and definitely one of my favorites. I cannot think of an Orjan track I don’t like. Instead of bullshitting I wanted to post something from his official website.

I’m sad to announce that on the 16th of December ’07, I lost my big brother (Ernst Ove Nilsen, may you rest in peace…) to a disease more scary then war, cancer… He was in many ways an inspiration to me and the biggest support one man can have. He NEVER lost faith in my music nor my dreams and is probably the reason why I always worked so hard for this.
He was more then a brother to me, he was also my best friend and the one i could trust my life to. Some of you might have heard my new track ‘La Guitarra’ that’s recently signed to Armada.
This I dedicate to Ernst Ove Nilsen, my late brother, as it’s a direct result of his death. I made the melody as I closed my eyes and thought of the good times we had. So this melody has both a piece of me and him in it.

Enjoy his new track. It’s bomb.

DL: Orjan Nilsen – Shoutbox! (320kbps)



DL: Orjan Nilsen – La Guitarra (320kbps)

DL: Orjan Nilsen – So Long Radio (320kbps)





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