Bassnectar remix of Prince by Deftones

January 13, 2011

Everyone knows I ride the jocks of the Deftones.  Go listen to their latest album Diamond Eyes and tell me you wouldn’t either.  So it is only appropriate that I review a remix of one of the songs off of Diamond Eyes.  I cannot believe I slept on this remix.  I do not know much about Dubstep, but this remix captures the intensity that is found within the Deftones and the common thematic rhythm of Dubstep very well.  A slow start to the song that builds up to a confusing, but unique ending.   I recommend this more to alternative rock users since Dubstep is something they are less familiar with.  However, Dubstep listeners will find some enjoyment out of this. Bassnectar site has a free download.

P.S. It’s nice seeing the Deftones get some love on the remix scene being that they are one of the few groups that did not deserve the label of Nu-Metal, but rode that horse into battle and came out surviving being stronger than ever.

P.P.S. If you need another reason to listen to the Deftones,  Itunes just named it Rock Album of the Year 2010, but then again Antoine Dodson had a hit song on there.

DL: Deftones- Prince(Bassnectar remix) (320 kbps)


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