Single Review: Kanye West & Jay-Z – H.A.M.

January 11, 2011

The first Yeezy and Hov single off Watch The Throne, you know what it is.  This is the weakest Yeezy verse I’ve heard in a minute though, Eli Porter reference aside.  Hov comes through with a slick verse, but he sounds kind of uncomfortable on this one, probably because producer Lex Luger is accustomed to laying out the background for ignorance like “Hard in the Paint” and “B.M.F.”*  I like the trap opera effect even if it is a bit cheesy, and if extending the instrumental without drums for a minute after the rapping is done is the standard, I don’t really mind.   So what’s the overall verdict on H.A.M.?  It’s cool I guess, I could fight some people in the club to it.  This albums seems to be shaping up like a vanity project though, and creatively all the pressure is on Yeezy’s shoulders because Jay can’t put out progressive rap.  Considering the volume of music he’s put out in the past year, I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s running on fumes.  That said, I”ll give him the benefit of the doubt for now.  Watch the Throne out March 1st.


DL:  Kanye West & Jay-Z – H.A.M.

*  Look, I like Jay-Z.  I used to make Best of Jay-Z mixtapes when I was 15.  But he’s such an opportunistic motherfucker that it’s starting to really bother me.  When he was younger and it was cool to be ignorant, he was big pimpin.  Then, when he wanted to come out with a book, he renounced his older ways and started clamoring for authenticity in hip-hop.  Now it’s cool to go hard as a motherfucker and (of course) talk about how rich you are.  Jay seems like a smart dude, but he might be the least authentic rapper of all time (which is saying something).  It’s easy to call him a trend chaser, I won’t go that far, but it seems like Jay will only show up if the money’s there.  Which is fine, but hopefully “hip-hop historians” will admit that he was a money-hungry follower rather than a true leader of the culture.

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  1. I agree, it’s like what Nas stated “damn you on Jaz dick”. His whole career is making albums after the trend begins. Reasonable doubt, ripping off the blueprint, hanging with jaz, big l and biggie. Using Eminem and getting murdered. Empire state of mind compared to Nas’s million time better anthem NY State of Mind, using Kanye after Dame started it, kicking the diplomats away(he regrets that one), the linkin park mash up(we all regret that one), I think it’s safe to say he is a money chaser and not actually a trend setter.

  2. Def don’t regret Collision Course

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  4. ye and jay dick jocking pill

  5. ^Truth but Pill got out grimey’d by Waka – so it goes

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