Single Review: James Blake – Limit To Your Love

January 11, 2011

I usually reserve single reviews for 1) songs I want to hate on and 2) songs I think will be huge.  I really think this dude is gonna blow up in indie circles (ala the xx)* and this song is gonna be one of the biggest songs of the year.  Love his voice, love the piano, love the use of negative space and most importantly love his use of bass.  Dubstep has been thrown around as a buzz word recently, but to me dubstep is about musically using the bass as a weapon, whether it be rousing or subtle.  The bass is this one heightens the tension and makes it feel like the room is shaking (hence the video) – just such a creative and effective use of it.  I haven’t been this geeked from a song in a while.  Naturally, I got his entire discography, so I’m hoping to post up more in the future.  Eponymous debut LP drops February 7th.


DL:  James Blake – Limit To Your Love

*Ostensibly, I’ll like him a little bit less.



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