Deadmau5 – Sofi Needs A Ladder (Ali Nadem Remix)

January 11, 2011

OK so I don’t HATE Deadmau5 but I do think he is way overrated. After seeing him at the VMAS i thought oh great now he really went to shit. I thought about that and I mean I guess what he is doing for the EDM genre is good, beasting it up and acquiring a whole new fan base, and MTV was definitely exposing Robyn. Ultimately, that is making it more mainstream and popular. Usually when this happens though, artist tend to become gimmicky and well…lame. Tiesto…=(, Old school Tiesto was amazing. New Tiesto not so well. (Don’t exactly hate Tiesto either but thats a whole different story).  I really like a lot of Deadmau5 productions, but I’ve seen him live and he has failed to amaze me. yeah yeah visually he’s cool but i’m not sitting there geeked out on drugs enjoying the pretty colors and the guy with the rat head. I just can’t believe how popular he is now but I mean I guess that’s good for him. I was determined to find a remix of “Sofi Needs A Ladder” and besides the original this is one that I liked. It kind of reminded me of an old Dirty South production. Idk does anyone else like this? I think it’s a fun track. Also, for the record I think “Right This Second” is pretty fuckin awesome.

DL: Deadmau5 Feat. Sofi – Sofi Needs A Ladder (Ali Nadem Remix)

DL: Deadmau5 Feat. Sofi – Sofi Needs A Ladder

DL: Deadmau5 – Right This Second

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  1. LOL, this is the last post I expected you to do…haha when i showed allie my new years mix she said “yeah i liked it all…except for that one song in the middle with that really annoying bitch” talking about this one…sofi is tommy lee’s wifey apparently? anyway i’m new to the whole house thing and the deadmau5 nut-huggery still bothers me. the new album was kind of underwhelming to me but it had some bangers – still would love to see him live though – i have no problem talking drugs and looking at colors

    good stuff keep it up


  2. hahahahaha well it’s definitely not my favorite but i don’t know something about it is fun for me. And tommy lee’s wife ? haha what oh god. I just had to address my feelings on deadmau5 too. I can’t lie though i love right this second probably because it’s dark.

  3. […] 20.  Deadmau5 f. Sofi – Sofi Needs a Ladder […]

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