Single Review: Slaughterhouse – Back On The Scene

January 10, 2011

How can you sample a beat as dope as “The Choice is Yours” and end up with a beat as awful as this?  Oh wait, it’s 2011, where people only know “The Choice is Yours” because of a commercial with rapping hamsters and giant toasters.  I guess that’s what hip-hop gets for shamelessly sampling shit like The Police and Tracy Chapman – they’re just going to get re-sampled by Kia and State Farm Insurance.

ANYWAY,  everything about this song is excessively mediocre.  This song reminds me trying to play frisbee with your dog that’s nearing his end.  You throw the frisbee and the dog gets one solid stride in before his legs give out and he falls so hard that it’s actually amusing to strangers.  This is especially disheartening because there are few albums in my life that I looked forward to as much as Slaughterhouse’s debut back in the summer of ’09.  It’s not that they’re wack now, it’s that they’re excessively mediocre.  If they were wack, I could attribute it to external factors (drugs, acedia), but their hypeness on the track suggests that they actually tried to make this the next “Onslaught.”  I don’t know if hip-hop production colleges exist ala Masta Ace’s Disposable Arts, but if they did, this song would be torn apart for 45 minutes in class as an example of how not to make a beat*.  Uploaded the real “Onslaught” just to show you how sad this decline is.  New Slaughterhouse EP February 8th.


DL:  Slaughterhouse – Back On The Scene


DL:  Slaughterhouse – Onslaught

*  How wack was getting your paper dissected and shat on during class????  No lie tho, it only made me crush on my English teacher freshman year even harder.  She was like the frizzy-haired redhead from that show about the schoolbus**

** AKA “The One”



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