White Boys Doing Waka Covers / Why Pretty Lights Won’t be a Top Draft Pick

January 5, 2011

What’s up with white boys trying to go hard in the paint? We get it, you play an acoustic guitar. Cool, you like saying the N word in the context of a Wakka Flocka joint. Who gave you the right to post it on youtube and act like you are funny or talented? Wakka’s songs are meant to party too. By playing an acoustic version of the song, all you do is belittle the So Icey movement. Stop it, I don’t want fellow suburban chicks going “gotta a main bitch, got a mistress,a couple girlfriends I’m so hood rich” while in their Xterra or Volkswagen beetle on their way to starbucks to buy chocolate latte’s and re-reading Harry Potter. White boys doing acoustics of southern hip-hop is just like mash ups. Not worth it. Girltalk and white boy acoustics are essentially the same thing. Loved by college students who think that these artist are the most talented and thought-provoking music since Mahler. Leave it for what it is, good party music. Stop exploiting it.

Evypoo, I do love you, but Pretty Lights would not be drafted in the first round. I’m the Mel Kiper on that jawn. Pretty Lights depends on other people’s work to find samples. (Check Nightmares on Wax’s “You Wish” for clarity) The most highly selected draft choices will be Daft Punk(cause now nerds want them since the Tron soundtrack) with the sleepers of the draft being Nu-Metal because a) Nu-Metal will eventually fall into the category of Hipster music, b) bros secretly love bands like Korn, Limp Bizkit or Slipknot and c) every nerd loved Nu-Metal as a kid because it got their teenage rage out. I expect Staind in the 7th round.



  1. He would be like one of those clowns rated as a fantasy sleeper by Yahoo Sports or wherever everybody goes for their picks and get drafted three rounds too high as a result

  2. 2) and plenty of people depend on others for samples? isn’t that the whole point? does that make shadow or dilla any less talented?

  3. But pretty lights uses samples other artists already flipped, Pretty Lights did little to alter his sample. Therefore, he can just listen to other artist like shadow or dilla, find the sample, use it their way, and leech of their hard work. Shadow and Dill view/viewed a re-occuring sample as something they could change or manipulate, that is why you do not see Premier getting all angry.

    In response to your first comment, Pretty Lights will eventually become non-hipster.

  4. Yeah but there are tons of samples on his songs? You’re saying he’s going around stealing other people’s samples and patching them back together to make his own songs? He has like 100 songs out?!? HOw is he any different from RJd2??

  5. They just make different sounds, only real difference is that hipsters think he is so great, when in reality, people have already done use his shit. It’s just another example of how an image or trend makes other artists popular. That is what made shadow so great, he was the first and when he got notoriety, he went and got hyphy. Kind of like electric circus or 808’s, I much rather see an artist be themselves and make music that everyone considers crappy than an artist like pretty lights, although not bad, just isn’t original. He has less replay value down the line because what I’m hearing was on a nightmares on wax or premier beat a long time ago.

  6. and rjd2 isn’t that amazing, nothing stunning or compeling about his music. Prefuse 73 is where it is at, part of his sound is to completely change a sample if it’s already been used.

  7. I support innovation and I support people doing music they love even if it’s not the most innovative per se. Is it a shame that college kids will never listen to Entroducing but will listen to Pretty Lights day and night? Sure, but it doesn’t make a difference to me, and it doesn’t make me enjoy Pretty Lights any less. And while Pretty Lights is blowing up with college kids, it’s not like instrumental hip-hop was the most exploitative genre out there – college kids weren’t exactly frothing at the mouth to hear a new edition of RJd2 or Shadow. He blew up because he made good music that’s accessible and easy to listen to, and most importantly, he put it out for free.

    To me, I don’t care how hard a producer flipped the sample, I care about the end turnout. In a vacuum, if a looped sample sounds better to me than a sample vigorously distorted and flipped, I’ll take the looped sample even though the latter took more “effort” to make. I absolutely commend the way producers have flipped samples, and seeing some of the ways Dilla flipped samples was jaw-dropping and makes him one of the most talented musicians of all time to me. Still, the ends have to justify the means, and the reasons these producers are acclaimed as they are is because the end product sounds good.

    while Prefuse 73 has an innovative style, I’d take Deadringer any day in a heartbeat because the music sounds better to me.

    In any case, all of the producers mentioned are supremely talented and make dope music. I don’t think Pretty Lights is pandering to anyone, it’s way too early in his career for that. If he’s making the same types of songs in 10 years I”ll agree with you. And I was a big supporter of Shadow going hyphy, some of those beats were insane.

  8. my beef is that I heard these samples before, so musicians like pretty lights are boring, I enjoy samples that get flipped differently because I don’t expect it, that is why I find prefuse and shadow to be better, because when you are the first to do something, you are being different. End turnout might sound good for pretty lights, but it’s been done and becomes boring and repetitive. Pretty Lights will not be relevant in ten years. Bur like you said, guys like Dilla, due to their ingenuity, will, because, at least to me, sounds better. It is my wrestling theme song theory

  9. IF that motherfucker has any sense, he licensed every single of those songs to put on commercials. He might not be musically relevant in 2021 but he’ll be getting his toes sucked on by Barack Obama’s granddaughters after caking up from a line of Mazda commercials

  10. best wrestling themes blog post? or at least a discussion

  11. Gotta be Stone Cold

  12. better than DX? or Real American? or NWO?

  13. Yeah just because the glass breaking meant that everyone in the ring (because Stone Cold didn’t do actual matches, just barged in on others’) was getting stunner’d

  14. The Rock>Stone Cold http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TKstUJIe5Pg&feature=related

  15. Disturb playing Stone Cold’s entrance music http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oUqDCKzHTsI&feature=related

  16. you are fucking retarded everything you said in this was a joke.

    • thank you, your ability to pick up on sarcasm, mockery and your own potential douchiness is rather amazing and unexplainable. Do you write your own wakka covers? or are you just another boring pretty lights fan? Either way sir, you are a genius of a peculiar magnitude that only Derek Smith or George Evelyn can comprehend.

  17. pretty lights blows any artist you named in this article out of the fucking water hands down. seriously they don’t even come close. originators meet the innovator bitch.

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