Pretty Lights

January 5, 2011

Everybody knows the biggest pending war on American soil is that of bros vs. hipsters.  When some lax bro spills the Force on my limited edition vinyl of Pavement’s Slanted and Enchanted*, the most gruesome battle on this side of the Battle of the Bulge will emerge, and few will be left out of the bloodshed.  While American Apparel will be unable to refund your now torn and bloody V-neck due to their bankruptcy, you’ll be able to avenge your girlfriend by writing passive-aggressive things on Twitter and starting ironic Myspaces**.  Aren’t we all in the same gang though?  Everybody just wants to listen to good music, drink cheap beer, indulge in the occasional substance and pursue females with questionable moral compasses.  Thankfully both bros and hipsters are way too stubborn to ally, and America will divide not by North and South, but by PBR and Natural Light.  Of course there will be a draft ala Dave Chappelle’s racial draft to see who can rightfully claim what media***.  Bros will claim Entourage and Bill Simmons while hipsters will claim the rights to that dumb HBO show with Jason Schwartzman and 500 Days of Summer.  Obama will start wearing skinny jeans and we can all stop worrying about dumb things like Iran’s nuclear program and Israel’s borders**** and start worrying about the possible corruption of Hype Machine and the recent surge of subpar Youtube videos.  Milk and honey for all.

Besides The Wire*****, Pretty Lights will be one of the most highly sought-after draft choices, as both bros and hipsters currently love this dude.  Basically, he’s like a modern-day RJD2: instrumental hip-hop with soulful vocal samples, tons of instrument-sampling and high-tempo drums.  It’s incredibly accessible and easy to listen to while being musically engaging and complex.  Oh, and he puts out everything he’s ever released for free.  He has a fairly overwhelming amount of music out (three EPs released in just 2010!), so if you’re completely new to him and want a full-length listen, I suggest the first disc of Filling Up the City Skies.  I put up a few of my favorite tracks, enjoy!

DL:  Pretty Lights – High School Art Class

DL:  Pretty Lights – Finally Moving

DL:  Pretty Lights – Something’s Wrong

DL:  Pretty Lights – Evening Sun

*  No, I don’t own this.

**  Implying that you, the reader, are a hipster.

***  Jesus, I need a vacation.

****  Still worried about Borders, though.

*****  This is because The Wire is better and more relevant than any other television show or movie that has been released in the past thirty years, despite what Mark Corrigan says.


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