Queens of the Stone Age: Rated R Deluxe Re-Issue

January 4, 2011

Nicotine, Valium, Vicodin, Marijuana, Ecstasy and Alcohol

The re-issue of Queens of the Stone Age’s 2000 hard rock master piece, Rated R, comes during a time where the balls to the wall of rock and roll just does not exist.   Luckily, Josh Homme and his revolving lineup made a solid rock effort at the turn of the millennium.  Many might say the predecessor to “Songs for the Deaf” feels incomplete and lacking on some songs.  Although true in some cases, the album is meant to cause  drug fueled partying, and most importantly, rocking out.  This is not a stereotypical frat boy album filled with down tune guitars or dave mathew band inspired lyrics.  This was the first album featuring Nick Oliveri on bass and even singing on a basic hard rock punk mix track known as “quick and to the pointless”.  Oliveri helped make Queens of the Stone Age stand out and move away from Josh Homme’s days with Kyuss, an equally impressive band, but that is another discussion.  The original Rated R has been re-mixed making songs like “Auto-Pilot” and “In the Fade” sound more crisp and sincere.  The new mixed version of Rated R literally sounds better than the original, which works out great because it shows the true depth of Queens of the Stone Age.

But with all re-issues, the new songs and extra’s is what makes any re-issue worthwhile.  The second CD to Rated R is packed with unreleased and live songs.  Starting off with a howling scream on “Ode To Clarissa” really kicks you right in the head, but if you are a hard rock hipster, you probably bought the Japanese version of this album, which has “Ode to Clarissa” as track 12.   The one track that stood out to me was “Born to Hula”.  Homme had originally written this song as part of a Kyuss demo.  For those that do not know, Kyuss was Homme’s original band, and they rocked harder than anymore(Note Kyuss reunited for a tour without Homme for 2011).   “Born to Hula” demonstrates Queens of the Stone Age’s roots along with unique sound.  The live songs all sound like live songs.  A little rough, not as crisp, but definitely enjoyable.  However, you would be better seeing them live.

Hopefully, re-issues like Rated R will inspire rock and/or roll musicians to start kicking in doors and living the rock star lifestyle, because in my opinion, every generation needs a rocker to booze with.

DL:  Queens of the Stone Age-Quick and to the Pointless

DL:  Queens of the Stone Age- Auto Pilot

DL:  Queens of the Stone Age- Born to Hula

DL:  Queens of the Stone Age- Feel Good Hit of the Summer(Live at Reeding/2000)


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