Kno – Death is Silent

January 4, 2011

This came out a few months ago, but I overlooked it and completely forgot about it until last week when I saw it on Bloggerhouse’s Top 25 hip-hop albums of the year.  Kno is one of my favorite producers ever and the last few Cunninlynguists albums were spectacular.  I always thought he was underrated as a rapper and sublime as a producer, so this album was a no-brainer for me.  After listening to it extensively for the last week or so, I have to say it’s good, but not great.  Kno’s producing is very derivative of his producing on Dirty Acres and A Piece of Strange, and unfortunately it’s lost a bit of its luster to me.  That said, I think that anyone who hasn’t listen to Kno or the Cunninlynguists before will be blown away by the production.  The warped vocal samples and live instruments are absolutely perfect for this weather.  Everyone knocks Kno lyrically, but this album has so many guests that it’s essentially a Cunninlynguists album.  Lyrically, they’re passable, but uninspiring.  Because the album revolves around death, everyone sounds super sad, but the rappers lack the urgency they had on tracks like “Since When” and “K.K.K.Y.”.  Still, they stay on topic and Kno has some clever concepts.  I think his deadpan style actually conveys the concept exceptionally – he sounds so distant that he could be talking from the dead.

While I’m giving this album a fair amount of criticism, it’s only because they set such a high standard with their other albums.  This is one of the best hip-hop albums from 2010  and Kno’s production is still incredibly effective.  If you’re a hip-hop fan who’s never listened to Cunninlynguists before, you need to absolutely listen to this album.  If you have listened to them before, I think you’ll still enjoy this one even if you won’t be necessarily blown away.  Recommended winter material.

DL:  Kno – Loneliness

DL:  Kno – La Petite Mort (Come Die With Me)

DL:  Kno – They Told Me


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