DOSVEC – Ooh Aah Home (Diddy v. Grits)

January 3, 2011

I get yelled at on the reg for being a wanna be DJ/blog operator who doesn’t listen to the radio and doesn’t really know what people are listening to.  With a New Years spirit in mind, I decided to throw a pop jawn at y’all with the hipster twist that it’s a mashup.  Diddy’s “Coming Home” over that “my life be like ooh aah” song from a few years back that was in Tokyo Drift (I think?).  In terms of sounding natural, this may be the best mashup I ever heard – doesn’t sound forced at all.  The new beat makes the song uplifting rather than melodramatic, which is refreshing considering how fucking terrible Diddy is at rapping.  I really like the vocals on the chorus in this one.  DOSVEC does it again.  Unrelated:  Just watched the Peep Show season finale and I realized that Alan Johnson is a British version of Diddy.  Best show on TV.

DL:  DOSVEC – Ooh Aah Home (Diddy v. Grits)


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