The Best of “The Best of 2010”

December 28, 2010

Waddup?  Though we do consider ourselves gods at That Whiiite, we’re humble enough to give it up to the interwebs when they’re on point.  We found some of the best “Best of 2010’s” from around the way and wanted to share with y’all:

– Of course we have to start with the infamous Pitchfork’s Best of 2010 for songs and albums.  For the most part, this is a pretty comprehensive list of indie music and selected electronic and hip-hop.  Various jokes:  Kanye w/ a 10.0, LCD Soundsystem at #2 and FlyLo at (only) #13.

– The underrated Blah Blah Science has top songs and albums for indie/electronic/hip-hop.  I really like these lists.

– I don’t really read Bloggerhouse much, but they had a cool Top 25 albums for underground hip-hop.  Considering I’ve been screaming that Hip Hop is dead for a few years now, I should probably check a few of these out.

– Dancing Astronaut started putting out their Top 50 songs today.  This should be a comprehensive list of the biggest club staples.  Put Illmerica in that top 5, fam.

– Salacious Sound has a list of top dubstep tracks for the year that they put out back in July if you’re in the mood.  Definitely a good reference point.

– If you’re a trance head, we posted Armin’s Top 20 for the year the other day – I’m still waiting for Above and Beyond’s list!


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