Nas x Cookin Soul x Don Cannon – Lost Tapes 1.5

December 24, 2010

I ain’t mad at this.  Cookin Soul’s jazzy production is perfect for Nas.  Some great songs here, though most of them are post-Stillmatic.  Still wish Cookin Soul could do some original production.  What version of “The World is Yours” is this???  Tracklist and DL after the jump.  BTW, can Nas drop a real album soon??  Distant Relatives doesn’t count.

DL:  Nas – The World Is Yours (Cookin Soul Remix)

DL:  Nas – Got Yourself a Gun (f. Notorious B.I.G.) (Cookin Soul Remix)

DL:  Nas – Thugz Mansion

01)  Cannon Intro

02)  New York State of Mind Pt. 3 f. Rakim

03)  Get Down

04)  Got Yourself a Gun f. Notorious B.I.G.

05)  The Escobars f. Manolo Escobar

06)  You’re Da Man

07)  Last Real Nigga Alive

08)  Life’s A Bitch f. AZ

09)  Fast Life f. Kool G. Rap

10)  Mastermind

11)  No Idea’s Original

12)  2nd Childhood

13)  Revolutionary Warfare

14)  Rewind

15)  Surviving the Times

16)  The Flyest f. Pharrell

17)  The World is Yours

18)  Thugz Mansion

19)  You Gotta Love It

DL:  Nas x Cookin Soul x Don Cannon – Lost Tapes 1.5


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