December 20, 2010

Sooo yeah…the dude who made “Call on Me” is actually dope.  In a Sean Combs fashion, Eric Prydz goes by Pryda now and makes some of the best progressive house out there.  For the lames: progressive house is basically “zone-out music”, with a steady beat and different instrumental elements floating in and out of the track.  It’s like instrumental trance, but with less focus on buildups and breakdowns and more of a focus on the different instuments.  Pryda’s tracks are very mellow and are very ideal for the 3 AM drives you’ve never made from Mahopac to Yonkers, not even once I swear.  Apparently his album is dropping next year – I can’t wait, it’s destined to be better than that garbage Deadmau5 y’all been hyping up.  Unrelated:  I’m gunning to be the biggest internet hypocrite of 2011.  Enjoy.

DL:  Pryda – Illusions

DL:  Pryda – Glimma

DL:  Pryda – Melo

DL:  Pryda – Nilton

DL:  Pryda – The End



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