Simian Mobile Disco – Cruel Intentions (Joker Remix)

December 12, 2010

Joker was one of the first names I got into when I started listening to dubstep, but in hindsight I haven’t truly enjoyed most of the songs that originally intrigued me.  IMO, while the bass on his songs are enjoyable (that’s the point, right?), a lot of his songs are repetitive and at worst have innocuous melodies* and feel empty.  This one is ideal though, as the vocals keep the song interesting, as does the last minute and a half with some funky** keyboard solos.  Joker’s drums are always killer.  I’m really hoping for more remixes like this from him in the future.

DL:  Simian Mobile Disco – Cruel Intentions (Joker Remix)

*  I’d hate me too.

**  the vocals and piano melodies on this one actually remind me of a 90s house song

SimilarN.E.R.D. – Hypnotize U (Daft Punk Remix)


One comment

  1. […] he throws in the latter half of the song.  Check out his remix of Simian Mobile Disco’s Cruel Intentions if you haven’t […]

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