Burial – Archangel

December 11, 2010

After bitching about dubstep the other day, I wanted to put up a song from a few years back that exemplifies a different type of dubstep quite fucking spectacularly.  While this is obviously not supposed to have the intended effect that, say a Rusko track does,  it shows the versatility of the genre that lies much deeper than ‘YO DOPE ASS BASSLINES BRO.”  Sparse drums, distorted vocals, creepy sound effects.  This track and album are so haunting.

DL:  Burial – Archangel


DL:  Burial – Shell Of Light

Similar: Drake – Fireworks (Deadboy Slow Mo House Edit)



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  2. […] this album is awesome.  Though much of it has the cold and isolated British sound (similar to Burial), this album is really enjoyable and accessible because it’s so inventive musically.  Skream […]

  3. […] Similar: Burial – Archangel […]

  4. […] Similar:  Thom Yorke, Four Tet and Burial – Ego / Burial – Archangel […]

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