MGMT – Congratulations

December 10, 2010

I was never a big MGMT fan initially*, so I had no room to be disappointed in this album.  I can’t say I’m a huge supporter of it from end to end, but the high points are among the best of the year.  I always support any artist experimenting, but too many times on this album I felt like I was being forced through a bad drug trip (so many organs!), and the end result was more grating than intriguing.  Still, this album is rewarding in that there are so many different melodies and ideas that it cannot be brushed off as boring**.  Dare I say it, they even remind of the Beatles at times.  I think one day they’ll make the album that fulfills the promise this one makes.  Here’s “Flash Delirium” and album closer “Congratulations”, my personal favorite.

DL:  MGMT – Flash Delirium

DL:  MGMT – Congratulations

*  There’s some kind of corollary about how 1) a hipster will never admit he or she is a hipster and 2) a hipster will reject any notions to the fact that he or she’s a hipster, including automatically dismissing “hipster” musical acts he or she was neutral towards

**  Tentious!


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