Cosmic Gate – The Drums & Exploration of Space 2010

December 10, 2010

haha I’m guessing they were singing. Well for as long as I could remember Cosmic Gate has been one of my favorite teams of producers. Over time their style has changed but i’ve loved everything with their name on it so far. At electric zoo their set was one of my favorites, and was furious when my friends suggested we go behind the tent to try and meet them, because I missed the refresh of “Firewire” and “Exploration of Space”. (I knew they would play them last)….we winded up meeting Bossi and got pictures and a signature so I guess it was worth it. Part of their “Back 2 the Future” project, many of their old songs are getting a refresh to fit in with the ever changing style of trance. So here’s the first releases….”The Drums” & “Exploration of Space”! Originals were released back in 1999 & 2000! I’m just praying for an “I Feel Wonderful” refresh. (I would die).

DL: Cosmic Gate – The Drums 2010 (Markus Schulz Remix)

DL: Cosmic Gate – The Drums 2010 (Robbie Rivera Juicy Mofo Remix)

DL: Cosmic Gate – Exproation of Space 2010 (Back 2 the Future Remix)

DL: Cosmic Gate – Exploration of Space 2010 (Spencer & Hill Remix)


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