Wavves – King Of The Beach

December 7, 2010

What?  I listen to music with like…real instruments?  This album is awesome.  Wavves is like a hipster-approved Green Day* because they sound like the Beach Boys too.  Everybody wins!  This album is unique because singer Nathan Williams sounds like kind of a douche, which makes the album sunny and kind of upbeat yet abrasive.  Most of the songs are damn catchy and the album is decidedly less lo-fi than his first one.  “Green Eyes” is easily the most accessible and memorable (My own friends hate me…but I don’t give a shit), but the entirefirst half of the album is littered with punk gems in the 2:30 range.  Makes me reminiscent for Tony Hawk and shit.  The latter half drifts off more into a dreamy, almost punk-Panda Bear-territory, but it actually works and shows how much versatility he has.    “King of the beach” sounds like the former, “Mickey Mouse” sounds like the latter.  Jerks call this “noise pop”, but I don’t want this website to become over-categorized ala Borders, so I’m giving it the ambiguous “Indie” tag for now.

DL:  Wavves – Green Eyes

DL:  Wavves – King of The Beach

DL:  Wavves – Mickey Mouse

*I mean the Dookie-era Green Day.  The only people who listen to Green Day now write for Rolling Stone.


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