Roc Marciano – Marcberg

December 7, 2010

I wouldn’t say hip-hop is dead, but it’s in this weird postmodern state where nobody really takes themselves seriously anymore.  I think I first realized this watching the Gucci Mane video for “Lemonade.”  I guess it makes sense that the intensity and shock brought by groups like NWA couldn’t sustain itself for twenty years (though Freddie Gibbs and Pill are holding their own), especially with Twitter and stuff, but it still has to be a little demoralizing for anyone born before 1975 to see the genre go the way it’s gone.  Us 80’s babies are so irreverent that we welcome the tide of ignorance with open arms (*bumps the Runaway Love remix with J. Biebs and Raekwon).

ANYWAY, Roc Marciano is a weird paradox because a lot of people are calling this album a “comeback for NY” and such, and while it’s certainly enjoyable it won’t make you have flashbacks of Only Built 4 Cuban Linx.  Roc Marciano does indeed talk about selling drugs and killing people, but all of his rhymes are so non-sequitir that it’s hard to take him seriously.  That said, he has a dope, unique style where he’s willing to say any words that rhyme together, usually a few per bar, making his flow sound smooth and seemingly endless.  In a sense, I think it’s a perfect album for 2010.  It would probably be less dope if he stayed on topic, because that would simply lump him in with the mass of washed-up rappers trying to capture a glory New York had 16 years ago.

It also helps that the production is top notch with minimal yet effective soul loops.  This will be a great winter album.  Gats in the guitar case, scarface, this be that don shit, ex-con shit, gats under the armpit.  Cigars lit, mob flicks and hardships.  Ziggen this be that don shit.

DL:  Roc Marciano – Don Shit

DL:  Roc Marciano – Hide My Tears


DL:  Pete Rock f. The UN – Give It To Y’all (from Pete Rock’s Petestrumentals LP – the first verse is Roc Marciano)


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