2010-11 Bowl Championship Series

December 7, 2010

I couldn’t contain my excitement for the 2010-11 BCS bowl games (mostly because last year’s matchups brought the wackness), and I’d rather be providing my services pro bono to That’s Whiiite than studying for law school exams, so here goes analysis and pre-spread predictions for the holiday bowl season (spread updates after Christmas).

Rose Bowl Game presented by VIZIO

Wisconsin vs. TCU

This year’s matchup in Pasadena features two extremely high-powered offenses, the Wisconsin Badgers and the 2012 Big East Champion TCU Horned Frogs. The Badgers have put up 70 points or more THREE TIMES this season, and TCU swept the Mountain West for the 2nd year in a row. Wisconsin’s signature win came against THE Ohio State University, and TCU dominated then-number 5 (and ridiculously overrated) Utah for their signature W.

I’m glad Boise State’s kicker frailed out and missed two chip shot field goals in Boise’s only big game of the season because 1) everything about Boise State makes me angry (why are they still allowed to wear uniforms that blend into their field?), and 2) it allowed TCU to clinch a BCS bowl spot. Expect fireworks at the Rose Bowl this year, and expect Wisconsin to come out on top. I have more faith in a team that dominated for most of the year against a pretty good Big 10 than in a team who plays in a terrible conference and whose quarterback resembles Ron Weasley (whiiite).

Pick: Wisconsin

Tostitos Fiesta Bowl

Connecticut vs. Oklahoma

The Fiesta Bowl pairs perennial powerhouses Oklahloma and… the University of Connecticut?!? UConn somehow snuck out on top of an impressively bad Big (L)East this year (TCU’s move in 2012 cannot come soon enough) to clinch an automatic bid.

I’m offended that UConn is even in this game, and Oklahoma will crush them despite Bob Stoops’s 5 game losing streak in BCS bowls. Biletnikoff Award (best WR) finalist Ryan Broyles will torch this UConn secondary. The Huskies have nothing to lose and everything to gain from this game, so they may come out firing and keep it close early, but the talent disparity is ridiculous. No need to dwell on this game. I look forward to UConn and the state of Patheticut to go down hard.

Pick: Oklahoma

Discover Orange Bowl

Stanford vs. Virginia Tech

The Orange Bowl will be the first time many people get to see can’t-miss pro prospect and Heisman Trophy finalist QB Andrew Luck of Stanford. The Cardinal square off against the Hokies of Virginia Tech in south Florida. The Pac-10 was not as dominating as in years past, but Stanford was clearly the 2nd best team in the conference (after undefeated Oregon, who blew them out). VA Tech started out the season 0-2 after losses to Boise State and lowly James Madison of Division I-AA fame (woof) but won 11 straight to clinch the ACC.

This is an intriguing matchup because Stanford is arguably the best 1-loss team in the nation and VA Tech has won 11 straight (granted, it was against the bummy ACC but they beat two ranked teams: the U at Miami and home against Florida State). Andrew Luck will shine in this game, and even though he won’t win the Heisman Trophy (f you, Cam), this game will secure his spot as the top QB taken in the 2011 NFL draft. Also, I don’t feel comfortable picking a team that lost to James Madison and an Asian kid with a gun (sorry, judge.)

Pick: Stanford

Allstate Sugar Bowl

Ohio State vs. Arkansas

The Superdome gets the second best game of the BCS season, a phenomenal matchup between the Ohio State Buckeyes and Arkansas Razorbacks. Terrelle Pryor and Heisman Trophy finalist Ryan Mallett headline this Big 10-SEC game. The Buckeyes ended up one BCS spot behind Big 10 foes Wisconsin (they really need a conference championship), and the Razorbacks escaped a BRUTAL SEC schedule with losses only to then-number 1 Alabama and now-number 1 Auburn (can’t hate on that).

I’m looking forward to this game the most (so much so that I’m trying to cop tickets). Party boy Ryan Mallett had an excellent season with the ‘Backs, and he’ll be a top 3 QB chosen in the NFL draft. Terrelle Pryor is an electric QB for the Buckeyes, so this QB matchup is the best we’ll see this holiday season. Ohio State narrowly beat Iowa and lost to Wisconsin this year, and that scares me more than Arkansas’ two losses. Also, the Buckeyes are 0-9 against the SEC in bowl games (ha!). If Mallett can contain himself on Bourbon Street and not become Ben Roethlisberger 2.0 before the Sugar Bowl (which he inevitably will become eventually), Pig Sooie pulls this out.

Pick: Arkansas

Ryan Mallett has done it to Erin Andrews, and he’ll do it to Ohio State

Tostitos BCS National Championship Game

Oregon vs. Auburn

The National Championship features two undefeated and high-powered offensive teams in Oregon and Auburn, two Heisman Trophy finalists, GQ-esque uniforms, and illegal contributions and conspiracy theories that would make Evy proud. Suffice to say, get ya popcorn ready for a hell of a matchup.

$cam Newton has somehow brushed his shoulders off of all the allegations surrounding him and his pops this season. He has put up otherworldly numbers this season a la 2009 Tim Tebow. He’ll undoubtedly win the Heisman this Saturday, and he’ll win the National Championship on January 10. LeMichael James (how silly is it that two great athletes of our day are named Le___ James) is a phenomenal running back for the Quack Attack from Oregon.

This game will come down to which defense can make the stop late in the game. Nick Fairley, the Warren Sapp-esque defensive tackle from Auburn, will make the difference against LeMichael James, and he’ll help bring the National Championship back to the SEC (where it belongs).

Pick: Auburn



  1. That Pat Whiiite

  2. good pick on the Sugar Bowl… dumbass.

    • hey it’s lucas, up there on his high horse everyone! he makes his predictions AFTER the game happens!

      My next post will be definitely be titled: “Lucas the Undiscovered Vegas Handicapper who Never Got a Pick Wrong in His Life and Why You Should Quit Your Job and Suck Him Off”


      • noooo hecklers are good i want random-ass kids looking at the website

  3. i dunno, i’d say fake internet fights bring more random viewers.

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