Yuri Kane – Right Back

December 6, 2010

My favorite song & trance track of 2010 was Yuri Kane – Right Back. This trance producer from Krasnoyarsk Russia uses his abilities on the piano to create this beautiful and unforgettable melody that is sure to get stuck in your head. Also, the catchy lyrics and vocals were used for an insane amount of mashups, some I realized impossible to get my hands on. For Armin Van Buurens top 20 of 2010 (premiering the Thrusday before christmas I think on di.fm), I predict this track to be in the top 3…if not number 1. For some reason, Chris Reece has also been credited for this track featured on his latest album without Yuri Kanes name and in a totally different version. I’m not sure why this is and cant find any information on it. I’m guessing he just used the vocals. The Yuri Kane version is definitely my favorite, and even though it may bring back certain memories or feelings for me I’ll always love it.


I was wrong to say I wouldn’t change a thing
‘Cause in the story of our lives, the best of times through colour glass

And if you should call
It’s no trouble, no trouble at all
I’ll paint out the sun, back where we begun again

Time goes on enough to let me move on past
But every little now & then it creeps on back to shade my smile

I’m here once again
But I’m deep & I’m feelin’ a pain
So who takes the fall that covers it all again

Put it on the right track, get it right back
The message from my heart it’s too loud to stay apart
So put it on the right track, steal it right back
It’s high time now

DL: Yuri Kane – Right Back (Original Mix)

DL: Yuri Kane – Right Back (Intro Edit)

DL:  Yuri Kane – Right Back (Anton Firtich Remix)


DL: Yuri Kane – Around You


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