4 Strings feat. Ellie Lawson – Safe From Harm

December 3, 2010

So this is my first post! I’ll mainly be posting trance along with other styles of EDM. I would like to think I have a lot of knowledge on the genres since it’s really all i’ve been listening to since I was about ten years old. I’m also a huge fan of all the vocalist in the trance scene and vocal trance is my favorite style (don’t worry I’ll share all styles). One song I remember loving was 4 Strings – “Take Me Away (Into the Night)”, which I’m sure everyone is familiar with. 4 Strings consisted of Carlo Resoort and Jan De Vos and released “Into the Night”  in 2001 which did not include  the famous vocals that everyone knows. The next year the track was re-released with the vocals from Vanessa van Hemert. Vanessa recorded multiple songs with 4 strings until dropping out in 2005. 4 Strings is now Carlo Resoort while DJ 4 Strings is De Vos (confusing right?). Although, they still produce and work together. Their latest track “Sundown” sounds very similar to the well known “Take Me Away”, and was recently re-released with the addition of vocals by Ellie Lawson called “Safe From Harm”. Ellie writes her own albums in the pop and folk genre, as well as sponsoring Quicksilver Women’s clothing. She was also on the Ellen Degeneres show recently and Ellen said she loves her music and predicts she will become a huge star. Well I personally love this song and prefer the version with vocals. Her vocals are great and go amazingly with the 4 Strings style sound. I really hope she continues to do more in the trance scene. So if you liked “Take Me Away” then check it out!

DL: 4 Strings feat. Ellie Lawson – Safe From Harm


DL: 4 Strings – Sundown


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